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This Me is a skills training platform that uses a game like approach to help you learn about the situations you will be faced with and develop your skills.

It puts you in a range of business situations, allowing you to see whether your instincts lead you to select the best result.

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You are a recent graduate with a multi-national company, working your way around the business getting a feel for each department. Like all businesses today resources are stretched and deadlines are tight, so you have to manage a number of tasks at the same time, think fast, be decisive, and adapt to changing situations, selecting the best available option.

Your Line Manager Sarah has put you on a team developing an important new product for launch in 6 months. You have been given a big opportunity, which means your fledgling reputation within the business is at stake so you have to do everything you can to achieve success.

Don’t forget you only have 90 seconds per question, so you need to think fast.

Your time starts as soon as you hit the PLAY button. Good luck.